The Friday Five (June 5, 2015)

Looking for some light Friday morning reading, or a longer weekend piece? Welcome to The Friday Five – a new weekly post where I provide five links (news, pictures, long-reads, videos, etc.) that I found interesting throughout the week. The focus will be on Planning and Urban Design, but I’ll also be posting links about productivity, motivation, creativity, etc. that may be useful.

Today’s five:

  1. Artist Urges Urban Planning… With Legos. Artist Olafur Eliasson uses close to a million pieces of (all white) Lego to urge New Yorkers to share their vision for the City.
  2. The Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird. James Victore encourages all professionals to show their weirdness in their work. I’m in!
  3. A History of Cities in 50 Buildings. The Guardian looks at the impacts (past, present, and future) of 50 landmark buildings. I need to dig into this one further.
  4. A Manhatten Park Turns Into A Surreal Jungle of Mirrors. We were in Madison Park a couple of weeks ago, and this is pretty amazing.
  5. Amazing Drone Footage of Antarctica. I can’t lie, I’m addicted to drone footage (and timelapse videos). Expect a few more of these in future editions of The Friday Five.

I hope you find these links interesting, and if you get a chance to read some, let me know your thoughts on Twitter, or in the comments below.


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