The Friday Five (June 12, 2015)

This week’s Friday Five has a little something for everyone, including tiny homes, Google, graffiti, SimCity (kind of), and the World Trade Centre. Also, it’s a bit of a cheat, because there are actually seven (equally awesome) links.


  1. Toronto Musician Documents the City’s Graffiti Scene. The Toronto Star profiles Steve Ward, a trombone player turned graffiti photographer. The article is okay, but you may want to just skip to the Instagram feed.
  2. Google Creates Sidewalk Labs to Redesign City Living with Technology. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a Google fanboy. So I can’t help but be excited when Google decides to solve the biggest problems in our Cities.
  3. Is This Planned Ghost Town the City of the Future? And if you like the above, this (vacant and privately-owned) trial town for new technologies should pretty much blow your mind (and/or terrify you).
  4. The Final World Trade Center Tower’s New Design, Revealed! The final plans for 2 World Trade Centre. There’s a lot to like here (the rendering looking down from the terraces is phenomenal), though I’m a little sad we’ll never see the original Norman Foster plans come to life (I find the renderings somewhat jarring, as if drawn wrong, and was curious to see how it looked built).
  5. Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, And Do What You Love! This Makes It All Possible! Ignore the title, this article is about Tiny Homes (another thing that makes me all giddy). Also, probably ignore the text. Just look at all the awesome examples (a Tiny Home on a cliff!).

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