Cool Tools # 1

Another day, another new Planforth section. Cool Tools won’t be weekly, but should be updated pretty often. The goal is to introduce some of the really useful (and free) programs, websites, etc. that I use on a regular basis (or occasionally, but are a life saver when needed). Hopefully they’ll be useful for you as well, and let me know if you have any suggestions that I should check out.

First up: Google Earth Pro.

I’m sure you know Google Earth. But, did you know that the Pro version is now free? Access to high quality aerial images is priceless when creating base mapping and pretty documents, but clients will not always have images available. Enter Google Earth. It couldn’t be easier to find and save high-quality aerial images, and there are a number of options (colour, greyscale, with/without roads, scales, titles, etc.).

Google Earth (Pro or Regular) is also great for measuring distances between two places, or the approximate area of a park, development site, or City.

One thought on “Cool Tools # 1

  1. This is great! You can also find out the time of day the aerial imagery was taken by using along with Google Maps Pro.

    Another great tool I’ve just discovered is CartoDB



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