I Want to be an Urban Planner… What Will My Salary Be?

Spoiler alert! It won’t be this much… and it should probably not come in a briefcase.

This is not a question I get asked often by students (because that’s rude), but it’s something I know they’re wondering. I know because I was a student once, and I really wondered about this. While I’m obviously not going to tell you how much I earn (again, none of your business), I did touch briefly on what you can expect in a previous post.

Now, I’m back with even more information for you. While anyone can Google “how much does a Planner make,” you’ll be surprised at how hard it is to actually find information – especially relevant Canadian information. It’s easy if you want to be an Architect, or a Lawyer, but Planning is one of those jobs where there just isn’t a lot of information available (though if you need a quick overview, there’s a great blog here – wink, wink).

Anyways, while it’s not a definitive answer, I found this great link to a Globe and Mail article that’ll give you a solid idea of how much you can expect to be paid as a Planner. It’s a bit old (circa 2013), but still pretty relevant.

I want to be an urban planner. What will my salary be?

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