Cool Tools # 4

Update: Unfortunately Mapfrappe is no more.

It’s a double whammy this week, with a new blog post and the return of Cool Tools.

This week we’re looking at Map Frappe ( This is an awesome tool that allows you to easily compare the size of two areas.

This is not a tool I use all that often, but it’s amazing when needed. Basically, at some point you’ll find yourself asking, “how big is _____ compared to _____?” For example, if you’re proposing a new community park, you (or a client) may want to see how it compares in size to a nearby park, or Millennium Park in Chicago, or if you really want your park to look tiny, Central Park in New York. With Map Frappe, you can simply trace one park, and have the outline appear on a map below where you can compare it to anything you want.

Give it a try. This is Planning Geekiness at its finest!

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