New Logo!

No new posts until Wednesday, but I just thought I’d point out the fancy new logo on your right (or somewhere else, bottom maybe, if you’re reading on your phone). I’m thinking about experimenting with a few variations, so bear with me if it looks different every time you visit – for a little while anyways.

Cool Tools # 2:

As a Planner, or as a Planning student, you’ll undoubtedly have to make some street cross-sections. And while I may be a geek, making cross-sections is crazy fun! You’ll have to fit a whole bunch of different elements into one street, while trying to make everyone happy – drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, urbanists, engineers (impossible). Typically this is done … More Cool Tools # 2:

“Oh, Like SimCity?” Or What People think When You Say You’re A Planner

University degree. Check. New job. Check. Business socks. Check. Okay, you’re officially a Planner, great work! Now comes the fun part – telling people. Lucky for you, this has gotten better recently, but you’ll quickly find that no one knows what a Planner/Planning is. Hell, I was most of the way through a Masters degree before … More “Oh, Like SimCity?” Or What People think When You Say You’re A Planner

Cool Tools # 1

Another day, another new Planforth section. Cool Tools won’t be weekly, but should be updated pretty often. The goal is to introduce some of the really useful (and free) programs, websites, etc. that I use on a regular basis (or occasionally, but are a life saver when needed). Hopefully they’ll be useful for you as well, … More Cool Tools # 1